Sterling Silver Irish Claddagh Ring With 0.6CT CZ Black Opal


This ring would be a good gift for a young lady or as a promise ring.

If you’re a fan of the 60s, and being extremely unique this black opal ring is a perfect choice for you! The black opal has a psychedelic look. The intensity of the colors show brightly even in the black stone. Like other opals there are patterns of colors within the stone. The patters include pink, blue green, yellow, and purple. There is absolutely no outfit that this unique stone cannot match. Out of all the opals to choose from, the black opal by far has to be the most unique. This ring is perfect for a right hand ring, a gift, or promise ring. It can be paired with other gemstones to create a mysterious and fashionable look for a night on the town.

The black opal is comparable to the June birthstone Alexandrite. Alexandrite is the birthstone for June, however like the black opal it is a rare find. In most jewelry stores, pearls are noted as the birthstone for June. So, therefore in a six degrees kind of way, Alexandrite and black opal are related.

This type of opal can also be paired with diamonds, although a diamond won’t take away from its’ appearance. This ring would match perfectly with a unique curved diamond band. Also, a diamond tennis bracelet would be a good match with it as well.


When people purchase jewelry they are usually giving it to someone that they love. When the artisan who designed this ring sat down to begin his work, he clearly had this in mind. This particular design is known as a Claddagh ring. The meaning behind the Irish Claddagh ring is timeless. The heart represents love, the crown represents royalty, and the hands represent friendship. When you place a black opal in the center you get the perfect expression of love in this piece. There is a small diamond inside the crown, and the hands hold onto the precious black opal. The black opal is the most valuable and rare opal there is. It is also a very sensitive gem, meaning it must be handled with the uttermost of care.

The perfect gift:

This ring would be a good gift for a young lady or as a promise ring. It is 925 silver, which still gives it value, while not being as high maintenance as white gold. While silver can be rhodium plated as is white gold, if it is maintained it is not needed as often. A black opal also can be cleaned the same way as all other opals. It is recommended to have your opal cleaned professionally as least once a year in order to get minuscule pieces of debris and dirt from hard to reach areas. Giving your jewelry professional and routine care is important and vital to the lifetime of your jewelry. To ensure silvers luster, the band of this ring needs to be polished daily svelte cloth. Svelte clothes can be purchased at most jewelry stores.

8.8 Total Score
Perfect Gift

This ring would be a good gift for a young lady or as a promise ring.

  • Timeless
  • Rare Find
  • Can be paired with diamonds
  • Hard to clean

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