Platinum Mexican Fire Opal & Diamond Ring


Fashion and elegance go hand in hand with this Platinum Mexican Fire Opal & Diamond Ring! The center opal weighs in at 4.58 ct. The color play is an explosion of turquoise and lavender. The accenting diamonds add up to 0.52 ct. The appearance of this ring is absolutely chic with tapered baguette diamonds, and a high set center. The design of this ring is the seamless showcase for this opal and the diamonds add just the right touch of elegance.

This ring could be worn as a fashion piece or an engagement ring depending on the wearer’s desire. The split band is a pleasant touch. To add detail to the center, a custom made channel set band could be added to the bottom, top, or both. The intricate design on the mounting gives a delicate and classic flair to the already elegant piece. White gold and platinum are versatile styles and the diamonds in the piece make it ideal to wear with other diamond jewelry. As always jewelry collectors want to be assured of security when it comes to jewelry purchase. This ring is set in platinum. Platinum is exceedingly durable. This Opal is 4 prong set. With it being high set and being larger in size, the risk of bumping it against things and possibly losing it is higher. However the risk is lessened by the metal used.

The diamonds are of wonderful quality. They are near colorless and slightly included, which is above average. The tapered baguettes are perfect for the oval cabochon cut Mexican opal. However, baguettes diamonds do not execute the same fire, sparkle, and brilliance as other diamonds such as the round brilliant, which could make them appear dull.


The great news about this piece is the fact that it is platinum cuts down significantly on costly repairs. However, it is still important with the size of the opal to have prongs check routinely by a professional. This can be done for free at most jewelry stores. The shank on this ring is standard thickness, so depending on how often you size the ring, it could need to be reshanked sooner or later than standard. Always clean your opal with warm water only, no ultrasonic or steam cleaning.

The price point of this ring is 1,195.00. Considering the platinum setting, carat size and rarity of the Mexican Opal, that is an excellent deal! No matter how this piece is worn it is sure to receive many compliments. The highest ranking on this ring is the affordable pricing, and the second highest is versatility. The pricing is ranked at 100 because of the extremely affordable pricing. The piece is ranked 90 for versatility because of the platinum setting and diamonds. The color is rated as 50. While the orange hue is present the color play takes away from it a bit. When rating Mexican opals translucent are better than transparent.

7.7 Total Score
Fashion and elegance

  • Fashion piece
  • Custom made channel set band
  • Exceedingly durable

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