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Le Vian Opal Ring 1-1/6 ct tw Diamonds 14K Strawberry Gold


Chocolate diamonds add an elegant accent to any piece of jewelry, but they make a beautiful combination with the traditional white opal. This particular ring is absolutely stunning! When choosing a Levian ring you can be sure that your piece is unique. Only a few designs of the same ring are made in the world at one time. The color play of this gem along with the richness of the chocolate diamonds makes this piece a showstopper and a true asset to the Levian collection.


The design of this piece adds to its beauty. The oval cut of the opal is accented by a white diamond halo of the same style. Encrusting the entire band is two rows of chocolate diamonds. The size of the chocolate diamonds on the band enhance the center gem instead of taking away from it, and the four prong setting gives the wearer assurance that their opal is secure and in good position. Patters of green are evident, and pairs perfectly with the richness of the brown diamonds. The 14k rose gold is the finishing touch of elegance. This ring is very versatile. Most would consider this to be a couture piece; however it could be worn as an engagement ring also. Because there are two different diamond types, a custom band of white or chocolate diamonds could be added. The size of diamonds could also alternate to give a special flair.


This ring is priced at 3,799.00. While there are plenty of other pieces of jewelry that could be added to this piece to make a perfect ensemble, most jewelry lovers tend to be partial to overall quality. There are 58 white diamonds total. They are I in color and SI2 in clarity. That is an average rating for diamonds. There are 16 brown diamonds are SI2 in clarity. Based upon those qualities, the price is definitely negotiable. The white diamonds are 1/20 carat in size. Smaller diamonds usually mean larger problems. These smaller diamonds around the edge of the ring, along with the halo could make it difficult to find a band ready made to match. Also, even if a custom band is made, the diamonds on the edge would make it hard to solder.


Strawberry gold is the easiest gold to maintain because it’s not as bright as yellow gold, and there is no additional plating like white gold. The brown diamonds have a special accent of their own to give them their color. The background is black rhodium. Just like rhodium plating on white gold, black rhodium has to be maintained as well. Rhodium plating is recommended on white gold once a year and the same can be said for black. However, Opals require more delicate care, so only an expert jeweler should be entrusted with this task. That can be expensive. The great thing about that though Levian’s warranty is lifetime and their jewelers is well trained on how to care for not only diamonds but gemstones alike. All in all, this piece is great to have.

9.1 Total Score
Showstopper and a true asset

  • Chocolate diamonds
  • Versatile
  • Reasonably priced

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