Fire Opal Rings

Like royalty of yesteryear and today – a fire opal ring, will adorn and elevate your hand and mood. When looking for a way to add extra elegance, wow factor, or just a piece that shows your individuality – exceptional fire opal rings fill that need.

What is the meaning of fire opal? Fire opal symbolizes fire and water. Fire opal forms when red hot lava rock is penetrated by water.

The most popular fire opal shapes include traditional ovals, rounds, cushions and pears

amazon.com has fire opal rings ranging from $8 – $1,000; on the high end side, jared.com has fire opal rings ranging from $40 – $3,000

A simple elegant piece can be a small opal with a round sterling silver setting. Gemvara has a beautiful “Katarina” ring, with a deceptively simple sterling silver designed 4mm fire opal ring for $175. Other fire opal rings on their site are: a “quartet” ring – 4 stones linked at their corners, set in the middle of 18k rose gold and diamonds. That ring is priced at over $1,700. A customized diamond and stone ring on www.jared.com starts at $200 – it’s absolutely calling for a fire opal to be the centerpiece of it.


find top sellers for fire opal ringFire opals can range from transparent to opaque with a color base ranging from a clear yellow haze to a brilliant orange . The bright orange fire opal is a striking stone even when there is no play of fire present in a particular specimen. What makes these opals even more desirable and intoxicating is the intensity of the play of fire, the colors of the fire and the positioning and patterns of the fire within the stone.

Wittingly or unwittingly, a fire opal ring, can make the wearer an historian, an anthropologist and a romantic all at once:

An Ancient Roman Senator once owned one of the most precious opals of the known world. The hazelnut-sized opal was was set in a ring. The opal ring came to the attention of the Roman General Mark Antony. He was so captivated by the way the stone reflected light, his feelings quickly turned to covetousness. He sought it as a gift for Queen Cleopatra. The ring (with an estimated worth of over $85,000 USD)

The king himself wore fire opal rings. Elvis Presley that is. He was famous for a massive vintage opal ring featuring a huge opal surrounded by diamond in the early 1970’s that he wore both on and off stage.

He recognized that fire opal jewelry captures the intense orange hues of a sunrise, sunset or a hazy summer morning. Fire opal rings symbolize confidence and healing.

Bright orange hues of fire opals are striking in any light. With intricate positions and patterns, the rings make a special addition to the unique person you are.

Fire opals can stir the imagination and are intriguing and beautiful.

When you are shopping for fire opal rings, the most important value factor to consider is the quality of the fire opal. The more vivid and bright the orange color, the more valuable the fire opal. Unlike other opals, fire opals have a bright day-glow orange color. Unlike many gems, clarity is not an important factor – fire opal often has a welcome haziness that actually increases the vibrancy of its color.

Worldwide, opal is a treasured gem. Fire opal is a symbol of purity, love and hope. Opal also symbolizes calm, optimism and clarity.

To remember. Opal:

  • Does not shrink.
  • Has the same hardness as glass, but it is brittle.
  • Is not unlucky
  • Of good quality will not be affected by water.
  • Does not lose its color. However, if allowed to dry out, it can crack.
  1. Setting and form color: The amount and form of opal are the main factors in identifying its significance.
  2. Range: Like sapphires and diamonds, opals are considered in carats.
  3. Brilliance: It’s very important to consider the quantity of its intensity. The more vibrant the color the more valuable it will be. An opal with several colors may of less value than an opal with a single, intense color.
  4. Color: If there is a dominant “fire” color fire in an opal, it will be of greater value than other colors (this excludes black)
  5. Pattern: Brightness, together with patterns have an enormous effect of the value and appeal of opals.
  6. Patterns that seems to flash or that are noteworthy throughout the gem are more priceless than the opposite.
  7. Cracks/Faults: Make sure to recognize any faults or inclusions in the stone. The seller should disclose any cracks. However, do most mistake cracks for what may be a natural formation and lose out on a unique piece!
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