Fire Opal Pendant

We keep many things close to our heart: friends, secrets, heartache, love, passion, exuberance, sadness…and in a more tangible sense, pacemakers.

Pendants are often worn close to the heart and can, in a subtle or gregarious way show what is closest to our heart. The colors of fire – at times, warm & comforting, intense & exciting or a range of actions, emotions and feelings in between can be, literally close to the heart with your fire opal pendant.

Fire Opal Pendant in a range of prices and designs - fireopalring.comFire opal pendants are sometimes described as having a more eclectic, artsy, Bohemian and even New Age sensibility.

Fire opals have individual personalities, just like people. No two opals in the world are identical. The most important factor is the body tone of the opal. But there are many other factors to be considered as well. After all, the stone must appeal to you!

The other important factors are the play of colors, brightness, base and color intensity, the weight of the stone, the shape of the opal, flaws, the region where the opal was mined and finally the cost of the jeweler in which the opal is set.

Fire opal bracelets can exude glamour, simple sophisticated confidence or a casual sort of luxury.

Dynamically colored fire opals set with silver, diamonds or gold provide a gorgeous representation of gemstone unity.

Whether you need to begin your own collection or you want pieces that can mix and match well in order to represent your style, fire opal pendants are a perfect accessory to start building an outfit or tie other pieces together.


  • A large skylight disc gem with satin finish pendant – fire opal & 14k white gold. . A pendant that looks like the moon with Venus gracing the corner of it. Starts at $515
  • Linear triple bar pendant – 14k yellow gold & fire opal. In an almost ‘thermometer’ type shape, very appropriate for fire opal. The bar ‘heats’ up in the middle with the perfectly placed setting of the fire opal. $955 is a great place to find a piece to start with, a gift at favorable price points or to shop for a set.

  • Glowing heart pendant, gold plated heart shape in either 14k white, yellow or rose gold with three fire opals in the center of the heart. Starts at $199
  • Infinity pendant, pear shaped pendant in either 14k white, yellow or rose gold with genuine fire opal in the pear. Starts at $179

(for the animal lovers – also from gemvara)

  • Elephant pendant, in either 14k white, yellow or rose gold, with oval shaped genuine fire opal. Starts at $229
  • Turtle pendant in either 14k white, yellow or rose gold, with oval shaped genuine fire opal. Starts at $299

  • Oval-shaped Mexican fire opal pendant with diamonds and 14k rose gold; the fire opal is set in diamonds shaped in an infinity circle. $3,435
  • Fire Opal Flower Pendant with Diamonds in 14K Rose Gold, 14K rose gold pendant set with one faceted round Fire Opal stone and ten faceted round Diamonds total in a “Flower” setting. Starts at $295.

The color palate of an opal is important when paring it with a specific look. Fire opals create a timeless, unique look. Your fire opal pendant creates a centered look of shimmering beauty that plays well with both bright, light colors and or deep, muted tones.


Setting and form color:The amount and form of opal are the main factors in identifying its significance.

Range: Like sapphires and diamonds, opals are considered in carats.

Brilliance: It’s very important to consider the quantity of its intensity. The more vibrant the color the more valuable it will be. An opal with several colors may of less value than an opal with a single, intense color.

Color: If there is a dominant “fire” color fire in an opal, it will be of greater value than other colors (this excludes black)

Pattern: Brightness, together with patterns have an enormous effect of the value and appeal of opals. Patterns that seems to flash or that are noteworthy throughout the gem are more priceless than the opposite.

Cracks/Faults: Make sure to recognize any faults or inclusions in the stone. The seller should disclose any cracks. However, do not mistake cracks for what may be a natural formation and lose out on a unique piece!

Document all of your jewelry. Take pictures

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