Fire Opal Necklaces

Recently there has been a growing interest in one of the lesser known opals, the so-called fire opal. This is an opal known not for its play of color, but for its vivid body color, which can be white to yellow, orange or red used in fire opal necklaces.

The color range of fire opal can be quite wide, and some pieces display various colors in a single stone. Brilliant sunny yellow is highly regarded, but more saturated orange and orange-red colors are especially valuable.

Fire Opal Necklace in a range of prices and designs - fireopalring.comCan you ever have enough necklaces? It seems like every woman’s jewelry collection always has a wider arrange of necklaces than almost any other type of jewelry. Necklaces are often the first piece of even play jewelry given to children. Chunky plastic beads with brightly colored pendants slowly give way to cleaner lines, smaller chains and grown up pendants crafted from a variety of materials. Necklaces do more than adorn our bodies – they are placed in such a way that the light they reflect can enhance the coloring of our face or the brightness of our eyes. The colors and materials we choose for necklaces can make a black dress something casual and chic for a night out on the town or upscale and refined.

Fire Opals are diverse and can be used to create a look that calls on inspiration from the fiery-colored gems, which are polished and dynamic and will have you described the same way.

Fire opals are one of the hottest stones of the moment and at the center of some of the most exciting jewelry designs. This mysterious stone is breathing new life into jewelry. There is something so mysterious about opals. Fluid as water yet bursting with fire, they are the enigma of the world captured in a stone. Giving the appearance of how the earth looked at the dawn of time – the fire opal’s light and particles give the aura of a new, powerful beginning. Perhaps it is this fascination that has captured imaginations since the days of the Roman Empire. A fire opal is one in which the play fire colors is vivid and brilliant or hazy, yet always remarkable.

Fire opal necklaces are very versatile, yet elegant. Find a pattern that suits you and you can do so much with it! Best of all, you can even find your own opal type and decide which cut you need by ordering a custom made piece. Many sites like and are among online retailers that offer this possibility. No doubt this kind of versatility is exactly why so many people are quite happy to have a fire opal necklaces and pendants

A fire opal necklace can be used as used as a striking stand-alone statement piece. The piece around your neck can inspire poetry, recall a cascading waterfall or act as a mark or individual strength – of course, it can just be a beautiful necklace. Whether you need to begin your own collection or you want pieces that can mix and match well in order to represent your style, our opal jewelry sets are sure to have something perfect.

On, CJRocksGems, has an excellent collection of fire opal necklaces in a range of prices and designs. They take the quality of the opal very seriously.

This is an example of a one of a kind piece at the following retailer:

  • Caring for your fire opal necklace:
  • Setting and form color: The amount and form of opal are the main factors in identifying its significance.
  • Range: Like sapphires and diamonds, opals are considered in karats.
  • Brilliance: It’s very important to consider the quantity of its intensity. The more vibrant the color the more valuable it will be. An opal with several colors may of less value than an opal with a single, intense color.
  • Color: If there is a dominant “fire” color fire in an opal, it will be of greater value than other colors (this excludes black)
  • Pattern: Brightness, together with patterns have an enormous effect of the value and appeal of opals. Patterns that seems to flash or that are noteworthy throughout the gem are more priceless than the opposite.
  • Cracks/Faults: Make sure to recognize any faults or inclusions in the stone. The seller should disclose any cracks. However, do most mistake cracks for what may be a natural formation and lose out on a unique piece!
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