Fire Opal Earrings

When looking for a way to add extra elegance, a “wow” factor, or just a piece that shows your individuality – exceptional fire opal earrings fill that need. With the unique ability to be set in numerous metals and designs – fire opal earrings – can and will be the perfect accessory.

Authentic Fire opal earnings - Buy OnlineBeautiful, style maven, Oscar-winning Australian actress Cate Blanchett, can transform seamlessly into every character and role she plays. This ability is much like opal, which translates comes from the Greek wordage “to see a change” . At the 2014 Oscars, the actress embellished her dress with Chopard and Armani opal earrings.

Cate, with her good friend and fellow Aussie actress Nicole Kidman, are often spotted at events in opal pieces. Kidman is another opal lover who’s been spotted wearing several opal pieces at events, including fire opal earrings, crystal opal earrings, and pink opal drop earrings

One of the most famous and legendary American actresses, Elizabeth Taylor, was a famous opal lover. Born in 1932, in the United Kingdom to American parents, a famous story is often related about newborn Elizabeth. The newborn baby just would not open her eyes. The first time she opened her famously violet eyes, it was when gems were in front of her. That started her love affair with gems and precious jewelry. Elizabeth Taylor asked that many of her collections were auctioned off to support her charities, which were just as precious to her as her opal jewelry.

Newer stars of Hollywood are also embracing opal jewelry. Jenna Dewan Tatum – dancer, actress and better half of Channing Tatum, is known for wearing fire opal earrings that complement her looks at several events.

It is believed that fire opal creates a warm and open feeling in the wearer and also gives the wearer the feeling of being able to eliminate obstacles in achieving one’s full potential. Another observation about this gemstone is that positive people and those wanting to make a positive change are drawn to the smoldering colors of the fire opal.

Online shoppers of opal earrings can start at :

www. amazon.com (Selections from a variety of sellers with very basic to high end, heirloom pieces; important to check each seller’s source and feedback). For example:

“These dangle drop earrings feature two 6X4mm pear-cut gemstones, with two 5X3mm pear-cut gemstones surrounded by 32 sparkling diamonds. These are our top selling earrings for that very special woman in your life. Your deep love will be realized at her first gaze upon these luxurious and ornate dangling earrings. These earrings feature a total of 32 dazzling diamonds that sparkle almost as much as your loved one’s eyes will when she sees these. The earrings also feature four pear shaped {gemstone}s. These earrings are a great choice for a style that is majestic without being ostentatious. “

http://www.silverrushstyle.com/fire-opal-earrings/ (prices from $30-$150; lower end of the market, great money back policy, free shipping; helpful user info)

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Fire opal earrings give a touch of cosmopolitan chic, or a bold, nuanced statement. They make an ideal option for casual or formal wear.

Fire opal is a very special gemstone, due to its inner structure. Fire opals are among the most spectacular in the gem family. Fire opals, are usually translucent gems with mainly warm colors, like orange, red and sometimes earthy brown. Part of their name comes from the burning sensation that surrounds the stones. Imagine adding such elements to your everyday wear..

There are many ways to wear fire opal earrings:

  • go understated. Choose a small pair for work and/or errands
  • Be glamorous; Capture old world charm with glamorous vintage-inspired opal drop earrings.
  • use it as an accent for other gems

Fire opals bask in the spotlight whenever they are set into a piece of jewelry, so, of course, the wearer will too!

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