Opal Cortlandt was a popular character on an American soap opera. Those who knew and were attached to her character, would only hear ‘Opal ‘ and think of a loyal friend. Like a fire opal bracelet, she could be fiery and quick, or warm and comforting. Your piece will adorn you in the same vein (no pun intended).
fire opal bracelet creating dynamic tricks of the light with the right gemstones

Hollywood royalty like Elizabeth Taylor and Elvis demonstrate the universal appeal and enduring beauty of opals. Today, style mavens like Pink, Taylor Swift and Amy Adams join them in a love of fire opals. Fire opals embody the universal appeal and timeless beauty that these artists strive so hard to attain.

Only a few gemstones in the world can evoke such a thrill and admiration as opals. But, among many different types of opals, one stands out – the fire opal. However, not all fire opals are the same.

Fire opals are formed when water interacts with silicon dioxide. Water runs through the earth and picks up traces of this naturally sparkling silica from the surrounding sandstone. This silica solution goes through other layers of rock and sediment, picking up traces of different elements along the way. It makes its way into voids created by a variety of natural faults and, over time, the process is repeated and an opal is formed. This multi-layered process results in gemstones that are unique in their depth of color and ability to sparkle.

Fire opal gemstones are then mined, polished and set, enhancing the natural beauty of these gemstones.

Bracelets tend to use small chains as their foundation, making them a fluid piece of jewelry that creates dynamic tricks of the light with the right gemstones. Finding the right fire opal bracelet is key to creating look that will add sparkle and dimension to your overall style.

Bracelets tend to use small chains as their foundation, making them a fluid piece of jewelry that creates dynamic tricks of the light with the right gemstones. Our opal and gemstone bracelets are designed to flow with a look, to add sparkle and dimension to any look.

It is believed that fire opals creates a warm and open feeling in the wearer and also eliminates obstacles in achieving one’s full potential. Another observation about this gemstone is that positive people and those wanting to make a positive change are drawn to the smoldering colors of the fire opal.

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Fire opal earrings give a touch of cosmopolitan chic, or a bold, nuanced statement. They make an ideal option for casual or formal wear.

Fire opal is a very special gemstone, due to its amorphous inner structure. Fire opals are among the most spectacular. Fire opals, are usually translucent gems with mainly warm colors, like orange, red and sometimes brown. Part of their name comes from the burning sensation that surrounds the stones. Imagine adding such elements to your everyday wear..

There are many ways to wear fire opal bracelets:

  • Be glamorous, Capture the old world charm with glamorous vintage-inspired opal bracelet
  • use it as an accent for other gems

Caring for your fire opal bracelet:

Using a soft brush, gentle soap and tepid water, clean the dust and residue from the stone. A fire opal bracelet will scratch very easily so the cloth or brush must be very soft.

It’s important to store opal jewelry properly. They should not be tossed haphazardly with other bracelets, rings and necklaces. The best thing to do is keep it in a jewelry bag and in its own location. Extreme and sudden temperature changes should also be avoided as it can cause cracking.

Whether fire opal bracelets are worn frequently or on just special occasions, the setting should be secure and protective of the stone.

Fire opals are beautiful and each one is genuinely unique. Whether as a ring or a faceted fire opal bracelet , these stones add fire a touch of fire to a special occasion.

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