Gold Plated 925 Silver Orange Synthetic Mexican Fire Opal Leverback Earrings

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These eye catching orange synthetic Mexican fire round cut Synthetic Opal leverback earrings are sure to get you noticed.

Jewelry is the perfect way to add that special flair to any outfit. With prom season in full swing, everyone is looking for the finishing touch to their special ensemble. Gemstones are perfect for gifts, and special events. The Opal is October’s birthstone. Some people say that it is bad luck to wear an opal if you’re not born in October but with so many to choose from its hard not to!

Often people choose to keep it simple when it comes to accessorizing with jewelry, choosing silver, gold, or diamonds. Unique, and creative fashionistas prefer gemstones! One of the most unique groups of gemstones is the Opal family. Fire opals are the top choice to add vibrancy to a summer dress, or a fall ensemble. The gold plating gives these earrings a sexy flair, and makes them perfect to be paired with other vibrant stones

These Fire opal earrings are perfect for everyday wear! The small size and the lever backs make them easy to wear. They also have a four prong setting. This means that in the future, they can be converted to simple post earrings.

Synthetic opals

When people think of opals they think of the white opal with patterns of different colors, but the fire opal has the most radiance. Fire opals are best known for their beautiful orange hue. With this being a synthetic fire opal, the color radiates more and reflects the sunlight much better than a natural one would. The orange color is deeper and the overall appearance of the opal has a glossy effect, which can be eye-catching in the right lighting.

Because of the fire opals gorgeous color, it can be paired comfortably with other gems. For example, these earrings could be worn with white sapphires set side by side, or with rubies.

Wear and care:

Lab created fire opals can be worn for years if they are cared for properly. Simply use warm water and a soft bristled brush and brush lightly. With these particular earrings being gold plated overall care can be a bit more complex. To care for the gold portion of the earring you can simply use a svelte gold cloth to polish the lever part of the earring. Gold plated jewelry is perfect for someone that loves jewelry but doesn’t want the huge responsibility of having to visit their jeweler for professional care.


These earrings are priced at 24.99. At such an affordable price, one can easily afford to have options when it comes to pairing these earrings with other jewelry. The perfect addition to these earrings would be a simple fire opal solitaire necklace. Another option could be an opal statement piece, with another gemstone such as a ruby or a sapphire design.

These earrings are perfect for a summer evening date or a simple night on the town. They can be added with other gemstones to make a colorful ensemble of accessories. The fire opal is by far one of the most popular in the opal family because of the fire, sparkle, and brilliance of its appearance.

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The perfect addition to these earrings would be a simple fire opal solitaire necklace.

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