Fun Facts About White Fire Opal Gemstone

Unlike many other gemstones on the market, opals are usually left in their natural state. However, some common treatments include fracture filling and smoke treatment that is used to darken the stone.

Fire Opal white Gemstone - nature, use, combinatonsWhy White Opal?

Would people describe you as independent? Colorful? Crazy? Eccentric? Wild? All of the above? DO you have moments? Of these? White opal in an accessory complements these feelings, gives them a canvas or even shows that quieter softer side of you.

What is White Opal?

Also known as ‘milk’ or ‘milky’ opals, white opals are distinguished by their pale white or light body ts with many types of opal, white opals can display the full color spectrum.

White opals are much more plentiful and common than other kinds of opal. White opal can give the appearance of being colorless. However sometimes the entire stone will consist of colorful fire opal.

Because of their pale body tone, white opal may have less of a vibrant color. This is not to its detriment – not having a black or dark background can enhance the stone, making the opal really stand out.

How to do it?

White opal is an incredibly classic way to dress up or down a look.

Are you classic? Classic? Professional? Subdued? White Opal can exude all of these and other similar qualities all at once.

If you are of the mind set that pearls are old-fashioned. White opal is a classic, vintage alternative. If you love pearls, white opal are like pearls, with a twist. In fact, opal & pearl pieces are an outstanding choice to combine all the aforementioned qualities.

White opal would be the outstanding feature in tear drop earrings; or that element that draws one in on a necklace. In a setting that’s simple like silver or dramatic with sapphires, white opal is a way to celebrate all the elements (or one) of who you are.

White opals – a softer alternative to black opals – can be some of the easiest-to-wear opal jewelry. Imagine milky white gemstones set into strawberry gold – it beings to mind what is feminine and bright. Or pairing white opals with diamonds, a piece that brings to mind simple luxuries.


Good quality white opal can be gorgeous, and may fetch prices up to $250 USD per karat. There are many factors when determining the overall value of an opal. Consider the below when purchasing any kinds of opal jewelry:

When purchasing opal jewelry, consider the: type of opal, pattern, tone and luster. For any opal (and any other gemstone of course) it is a matter of selecting a color and considering your budget.

Setting and form color:The amount and form of opal are the main factors in identifying its significance.

Range: Like sapphires and diamonds, opals are considered in carats.

Brilliance: It’s very important to consider the quantity of its intensity. The more vibrant the color the more valuable it will be. An opal with several colors may of less value than an opal with a single, intense color.

Color: If there is a dominant “fire” color fire in an opal, it will be of greater value than other colors (this excludes black)

Pattern: Brightness, together with patterns have an enormous effect of the value and appeal of opals. Patterns that seems to flash or that are noteworthy throughout the gem are more priceless than the opposite.

Cracks/Faults: Make sure to recognize any faults or inclusions in the stone. The seller should disclose any cracks. However, do most mistake cracks for what may be a natural formation and lose out on a unique piece!

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