Sunset Fire Opal

The world can be a dark place. Terrible news, difficulties in the daily aspects of life, work and relationships. Often it’s the ‘little’ things that can brighten and enhance our world. Each individual has his or her own special ‘little things’ that help, distract and/or bring personal comfort and fulfillment.

One ‘little thing’ can be sunset fire opals. Imagine having and wearing a gem, that was formed in a remote volcano. The gem’s properties have a sense of healing, comfort and change. Something we all need.

sunset fire opal gemstone, uses and featuresThe name of fire opal is derived from its ‘fiery’ orange color, though it can also be is other hues. Darker brownish fire opal will typically exhibit more plays of color than golden fiery colored opals. Unlike most other kinds of opal, fire opal occurs with good transparency and because of this, it is usually multi-faceted. Fire opal can enhance and maximize its desirable play of color effect.

Often one of the most rejuvenating, powerful and calming sites in each day are the sunrise and sunset. It’s amazing that this can be captured in a a rock. And yet, that is what these gemstones are. Symbols of sunrise and sunset that can be adorned or admired in anyway you choose to wear their piece chosen

Fire opals have a rich, historical appeal and can be back to the ancient Mayas and Aztecs. They have roots in pre-colonial Central and South America.

Imagine the following modern day scene:

At dusk in the small town, far away a man embarks on his daily routine. He sells cheap gourmet treats from a roadside stand to travelers who dare enter into this mostly uncharted part o the world. Other locals comes with their various food stalls and goods, but the talk is always about one things – opals. They have an animated discussion about: the latest finds, quality, prices. They have pride in their local precious resource and those who craft them into piece that will spread their reputation and pride all over the world.

Fire opal has a stunning orange to yellowish-orange color, which can make for a beautiful warm fiery glow. It really is one of the most unique stones in the gem world. Impress your friends and fellow gem-lovers with this fact: another name for Fire Opal is “Girasol”, which comes from the Spanish for sunflower.

Quality fire opal is very rare indeed and therefore very expensive. However, if you are on a tight budget and want to add one to your collection, it’s possible to find one, that is genuine fire opal on a budget. Look for ones that are translucent to opaque: these are still very beautiful and unique, with a glowing appearance, if not as intense as a more expensive piece.

With just a short glance, a fire opal can give a sense of complete warmth, happiness and a remembrance of the power and vitality of nature.

Fire opals make the perfect center or accent to jewelry such as:

Fire opals are truly spectacular, sparkling with an inner fire saturated with every hue of red and orange on the spectrum.

Although the small mining town, with its locals on the dusty roadside, peddling food and wares may seems world from a place like Tiffany’s, this gem connects them. They all admire it’s fire and the ‘little’ change it brings them daily.

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