Fun Fact about Mexican Opals:

More than eighty mines are spread about the Mexican opal mining region and the town is very much centered on opals. The area’s first mine was discovered in the late 1950s, but according to legend, opals have a long history in Mexico.

With their unapologetic fiery glow, Mexican fire opals bask in the spotlight whenever they are set into a piece of jeweler.

Mexican Fire Opals

Mexican Fire Opal Ring, gemstoneTechnically, the only type of opal known as ‘fire opal’ is Mexican Fire Opal, mostly mined in Mexico, which usually has a distinct orange coloring.

This is an opal known not for its play of color, but for its individualized vivid colors, which can be a mix of white to yellow, orange or red.

Fire opal has some unusual characteristics that are not shared by other opal varieties.

Those who come upon these gems for the first time are often surprised to find out that they are opals.

Red is the rarest color found in opal, so these are quite valuable.

The value of a fire opal is dependent on its transparency, play of color and fire, with the more intensely colored stones that shift from orange to red commanding the highest prices. However, most fire opals do not possess a play of color and, instead, the stones are often faceted to maximize their sparkle. is a great place to start when looking for Mexican fire opal.

  • A dramatic, not-quite-square Mexican Fire Opal ring, with a silvery blue band ($59.95)
  • A Mexican Opal Fire necklace, with eight small opals, set against a web of sterling silver ($412)
  • A Mexican Fire Opal pendant where the fire opal seems to hold the piece together at it’s lower right corner. The pendant has the oval shaped gem inside a ‘box’ with an imperfect circle inside. ($37) has amazing collections at all price points

  • Emerald cut, genuine fire opal earrings with 14k white gold settings ($140-$300)
  • Celtic Knot Engagement Rings, genuine fire opal, round, square and emerald cut ($549-$599)

– A Mexican Fire Opal Ring, set in 14k white gold and diamonds. The oval has a strange, hard-to-look-away-from shape in addition to the stone which seems as if it’s on fire ($2,370)

These starts are just a start. Etsy, amazon, jared, and gemvara also have impressive collections of fire opal jewelry.

The spectacular Mexican fire opal positively radiates warmth and harmony when set into fine jewelry.

While the fire opal makes a natural centerpiece in fine jeweler, it also works wonderfully as an accent to other gemstones. Bright Mexican fire opals create a vibrant focal point against glossy white gold, pearls or similar metal.

The volcanoes that produce the brightly colored fire opals may long be extinct, but the red-hot lava lives on in these sizzling gemstones that seem to have an inner flame. If you like your accessories to be bold and colorful, there is nothing like a Mexican fire opal to brighten up your jewelry box.

Fire Opals are a prized resource in the part of the world they are mined in. Mexican fire opals were believed to have originated in the waters of paradise. Mayans and Aztecs loved it for jewels and used it also for mosaics and rituals. The culture and artisanship of fire opal were handed down from generation to generation in Mexico, but was almost completely forgotten in the mid 19th century. Today Mexican Fire Opal is considered and treated as a national treasure.

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