Blue Fire Opal

The Pacific Ocean takes over half the earth’s surface. Like vast areas of the ocean, it’s less explored that parts of space. The Pacific ocean is traced by the ting of fire and from the air, looks dotted with islands that shine, appear or surprise. Blue fire opal can be described in the same way.

With the colors of the sea, blue opals mirror the range of vivid blues, greens and the way the sun sparkles and lights up the sea. Blue opals are often the center of one-of-a-kind jewelry collections.

blue fire opal ring, gemstone
Blue Fire opals can also take one back in time. With colors that can reflect the energy of the roaring twenties or the dawn of a new century, blue opals make for beguiling, pieces that are both classic and contemporary.

Imagine a vacation that includes the sea, endless vistas, the scent of lemons and the slowing of pace to “dolce far niente”, even the most determined succumb to its charms. Wearing a necklace made of blue fire opal can easily put you in this scene and frame of mind.

It’s color, mysterious, familiar, calming and powerful can frame the neck, cascade from the ear adorn a finger or enhance a delicate wrist.

Dive into the deep blue sea, and your deal with self.

Perhaps one of the best reasons to choose opal jewelry is also the most practical. Opals offer people the opportunity to own fine, truly elegant jewelry without an astronomical price tag. The diversity and natural brilliance of opals means that individuals can create amazing pieces that bring together elegance, style and value.

Opals are fairly well known, they’re not well represented in most jewelry collections, especially fire opals. Many people reach almost automatically for more common gemstones when selecting jewelry, but it’s important to the one who takes the road less traveled when it comes to jewelry style. Blue fire opals have a reputation for creating intrigue and interest.

Blue fire opals really complement any look or style. They pair well with all kinds of other gemstones from diamonds and emeralds to pearls and sapphires.

An anklet from, a simple design of sterling silver and custom stones (add blue opals) start at $85

Gemvara has a wide ‘infinite love ring”, starting at $1,185, that features fire opal gem tones that bring fiery blue colors to the fore.

A great place to start is:

A perfect addition to your fire opal collection is this stunning piece from

The mother’s little helper stud earrings are the perfect way to start your blue opal collection, add to it, or as the description says: “Sometimes you just need a little goddamn help to get through your day. “

With necklaces, that loop around the neck with the fluidity of a silk scarf, designs that gleams with silver, diamonds, pearls and sapphires. Each piece seems so easy to wear that you might forget they are precious pieces of high jewelry destined to provide welcome moments of escapism, even when that exotic holiday is but a distant memory.

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