Fire Opal Gemstones

Some prefer the calming flashes of blues and greens; others love the bright reds and yellows. With its ability to display colors in unexpected flashes and shifts, fire opal is a gem that can work in a multitude of ways.

A great opal will display broad patterns on its surface – with all the colors of the rainbow. Opals are the most individual gemstone with its range of colors.
The play of color in fire opal comes from the millions of tiny silica spheres it contains. The spheres refract light and cause the beautiful spectral colors visible in opal. The spheres have to be just the right size and of a uniform nature to create enough color for our eyes to see.

Styles & Types:

History and Origins

In ancient times, the Opal was known as the Queen of Gems because it encompassed the colors of all other gems. Opal comes from the Greek word meaning to see a change of color. The Roman word for Opal is Opalus meaning precious stone. Opal is supposed to promote love and romance and to grant wishes and personal happiness.

If you want to invest wisely when it comes to building a jewelry collection, you’ll begin by buying pieces featuring opal gemstones. This may come as a surprise since opals are not sapphires, diamonds or gold. Here’s why fire opals gemstones are an essential, valuable part of a jewelry collection.

Unique – No two opals exactly alike. Each piece has its own unique color, and striking brilliance. You can have a fire opal with very brilliant color, light reflection and undertones. Or, you can can have a fire opal with subdued colors and traces of spark that make it have its own virtue and value. Each fire opal gemstone, in itself, sparkles and reflects in its own unique character.

Versatile – One of the reasons why you must add fire opal gemstones is your collection is their versatility. They can be likened to the “little black dress” of the jewelry world. Opals can complement literally any kind of style. Whether you’re dressing up for a formal occasion and need something fancy or royal in appearance, or you would like an artsy, hipster, grounded look that exudes a simple kind of beauty – there’s an opal for you.

Conversation Starters – At times, we all need some help to “break the ice”. With their ‘can’t miss’, “I’m here” presence – opals have a pretty amazing way of sparking a conversation, Fire opals are so iconic and unique, many jewelry lovers, those who appreciate the finer things, or who are looking to find something special in others, will ask about the gemstone when in sight. Once you begin wearing them and exploring the world of opals, you realize just how diverse fire opals are. People who wear opals often become people who love opals.

The Art of the Earth – Art inspired by the Earth has become increasingly popular as we realize just how precious our environment truly is. Mined from volcanoes and other locations around the world, fire opals embody the beauty and color in nature. The dynamic bright colors of the opal are a vivid reminder of the need to admire and appreciate the colors around us.

Jewelry That Can Evolve

One of the best things about opals is That they can be easily set and reset. You should not do that often, however, you should and can pass on pieces to other family members or to dear friends. Fire opal pieces can become heirlooms. They can be reset in newer settings and sizes to reflect a different wearer, a change from the owner, and or to reflect changing times without compromising the beauty of the stone itself. A fire opal is timeless.

True Value – When people begin to collect jewelry they are driven by a desire to own beautiful pieces that reflect their personal sense of style. Some also are looking for a piece that adds practical as well as aesthetic value to their lives. Fire opals can work for different styles and occasions. This makes them an amazing – and beautiful – value to begin, expand or enhance any jewelry collection.

A place to start or add to your fire opal gemstone jewelry collection:

  • Fire Opal Ring in 14K Rose Gold ($285)
  • Fire Opal Pendant with Diamonds in 14K Rose Gold ($1,395)
  • Fire Opal Ring with Sapphires, Diamonds and 18K Rose Gold ($8,995)


  • Avoid exposure to prolonged sunlight to avoid fading and cracking of the stone.
  • Store separately from another jeweler to avoid scratching.
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