This rig has a distinct look of integrity with a high fashion contemporary flair. This is an 18k yellow gold Mexican Opal ring. There is a lot to be said of the design and style of this piece. The center stone is a translucent, cabochon cut and lighter hue of orange. On the outer corner is an asymmetrical setting of round brilliant diamonds. The clarity of the diamonds is SI, and the color is near colorless, which is an excellent rating. The ring is set in 18k yellow gold. Now that is quality!


The style of this ring is contemporary. It can be worn with other lighter gemstones. The one that comes to mind is yellow or white sapphires. Although it is not as versatile as white gold the fact that there are diamonds included automatically makes it a match diamond pieces. The setting of the center gem is bezel set. When choosing a ring in sense of security, a bezel setting can bring peace of mind to the buyer. The fact that it is encompassed by the gold means the less likelihood of losing the center opal, or damage. This type of setting is also found mostly on male inspired rings which can make it a unisex design. If worn on a man, this ring would look exquisite with a diamond encrusted yellow gold watch, or a basic yellow gold band with one diamond in the timepiece. The white diamonds add a nice accent especially with the way they are set. However the diamonds on the outskirts are merely prong set which make them prone to every bumps and potential loss. The quality of these diamonds could make them expensive to replace, if the ring is not under a warranty of any kind.


Yellow gold is easier to care for. Unlike white gold, plating is not needed. However, professional buffing is needed at least twice a year to maintain ultimate luster. The shank (the band of the ring that lies against the back of the finger) is recommended to be redone every 3 years. This time frame can vary based upon a number of factors, including sizing. If the ring has to be sized often, shanking could be needed sooner and more often. Also, prongs are recommended to be retipped every 7 years. Failure to have the prongs retipped could increase chances of diamond loss. Because these diamonds are prong set it is important to have the ring routinely inspected. The opal can be cleaned by using mild soap and water. The diamonds can be maintained by purchasing a diamond cleanser stick at your local jewelry store and individually cleaning them based on average wear.

This ring is priced at 2,450. The grade of the diamonds, the phenomenal color play of the Mexican opal and the grade of the diamonds make this ring an excellent price point. The versatility and unique style makes this a piece that can be worn every day.

7.9 Total Score
High fashion contemporary flair

  • Contemporary
  • Easy care
  • Phenomenal color

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